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Does your team rely on heroics to succeed?

For many organizations, product planning is chaos.

Many teams suffer clumsy, confusing, and convoluted processes based on multiple methods that rely on team heroics to succeed.


Or they have no process at all. 

And the results are underwhelming. 

Your team needs a product playbook: a common language and a ready-to-use set of tools and templates. Start with the provided templates and then customize them for your products and business to make them your own.

With coaching workshops, you learn by doing. Each topic is focused on application so you can quickly apply these concepts to your products and organization.

Implement a practical approach to managing products that generates success for your organization.

What is product management?

What is (and what isn't) product management? And how is it seen from the point of view of others in your organization?

Product team essentials in 10 weeks

Learn by doing... in just a few weeks.

Each weekly lesson is focused on application so you can quickly use these concepts with your products and organization.

  1. Fundamentals and Product Roles

  2. (Re)define your product planning process

  3. Create a product vision canvas

  4. Identify and define markets and personas

  5. Interview for customer insights

  6. Develop product roadmaps

  7. Prioritize your product stories

  8. Plan release and launch

  9. Retrospective and next steps

  10. Course Wrap-up and Certification Exam

For each lesson, we will review what the team already knows on the topic, extend their understanding with a new technique or concept, and apply the concept to their products and markets. After each lesson, we will lead a peer review of the work products and guide a retrospective on how to implement them with your development and management teams.

Want a custom agenda? Choose your own topics.

Implement a practical approach to managing products that is modern and repeatable — and generates success for your organization.

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