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Create Your Own Agenda

Choose topics based on your top priorities to create the perfect online or onsite agenda.

3+2 Roles in Product (for teams or leadership groups)

How do you define product management and marketing? How do your teams interact with others? In this workshop, we use a simple framework for defining team responsibilities for product strategy, planning, and growth. We’ll contrast them with the responsibilities of development, marketing, sales, and services. (Hint: our focus is on problems, not solutions).

Assess your Product Team (for leadership teams)

Examine your activities and artifacts — from concept to retirement — to assess the importance of each element, determine how well it's being executed, and evaluate the skills of your team. We'll assign responsibilities for each element and identify specific areas for additional training and skills transfer.

Assessing your Product Performance

Understanding product financials is often difficult, either through inexperience or access to data. In this module, we’ll explore basic product financials as well as buyer, customer, and team metrics, and determine which belong in a product status dashboard.

Creating the Business Case

Business planning is a challenge for many technical teams. A strong business plan includes competitive positioning, pricing, and vision as well as objectives and key results. What belongs in your business plan?

Creating your Product Vision

Is it time for a one-page business plan? What is the right level of detail at which step of the planning process? In this module, we’ll explore a one-page product canvas and discuss how to adapt it to your business.

Define Your Competitive Landscape

Profile your competitors, their products, and their positioning to determine the right approach in positioning and selling against them.

Defining Your Value Proposition [Positioning]

How will you communicate your product message to the market? Rather than just a grouping of features, a product solves problems for personas. Positioning provides the details of the key idea and the features most relevant to buyers. In a breakout, your team will develop one or more positioning documents for your products

Making Build, Buy, and Partnering Decisions

Discuss techniques for determining when to develop new products and capabilities internally or when it makes more sense to look externally.

Market Problems and Customer Discovery (Voice of the Customer)

In this module we'll learn to identify problems and outcomes that drive innovation. Together we'll examine the techniques for performing customer discovery, particularly interviews and observation, to ensure your product meets the needs of your market.

Market and Competitive Analysis

Who are the players in your market? Who is the leader and who are followers? In this module, you’ll learn now to profile your market, evaluate your value chain, and identify product and market adjacencies.

Markets, segments, and personas

Create personas and use their stories to drive your business planning and delivery. Understand who the buyers are (and who are not), understand their journey from awareness to action, and understand the language they use when discussing their problems.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

A popular approach for monitoring product success is aligning objectives with key results. What are your objectives? How will you know you’re on track to achieve those results? Explore how product objectives can help connect vision to objectives, and use key results to drive your Initiatives.

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